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# People   House Favorites
  Mama’s Lasagna. Hearty lasagna made with a mozzarella-Parmesan sauce served with a ground beef and sausage tomato sauce. Add a house salad?  
  River Birch Lodge Penne Pasta. Penne pasta tossed with sautéed veggies in a lite white wine cream sauce. Add chicken, steak or salmon?  
  Chicken with Wild Northwest Mushrooms. Hickory grilled chicken breast served with
a bold wild mushroom gravy. Includes side portions of smashed sweets with chipotle and maple or vegetable medley.
  River Birch Lodge Pulled Pork. Lightly sauced with our Lodge chipotle-apple BBQ
sauce. Includes coleslaw or homemade Lodge chips.
  Hickory Grilled Chicken. Chicken breast basted with our chipotle-apple BBQ sauce or our spicy garlic ginger sauce. Includes smashed sweets with chipotle and maple or vegetable medley.  
Desserts Whole Cake Slice 1/2 Slice  
5 Flavor Pound Cake  
Italian Crème Cake n/a  
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie n/a n/a  

TEA $5.95 per gallon
Includes cups, ice, lemons, sweeteners.
We suggest 1 gallon for every 10 people.


  Number of gallons of Sweetened Tea
  Number of gallons of Unsweetened Tea
  Number of Bottled Water
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